Poems by
Bikram Newar

Agony of a tale

a poem by Bikram Newar

A tale which bleeds from the masses
To make the deaf hear,
Isn’t making the deaf heard but
Clotting their ears.

Louder voices raised and mass protests
Agonious and achy voices theirs,
Yes, harder it is to make
The pretended to awake.

Red, red, red are their shirts
No, no! It’s not Holi.
Houses are (tiger) corridors now
Yes! It’s judgement folly.

Hoarse whispering of colleagues,
No, no! Not colleagues (of office)
Entrenched demurrers on the streets,
They bleed to flow a tale without fatigue.

Darker his days amidst aristocrats,
Nature complies, state conspires,
“Renewed History”, he can’t comply.
Who says, “Night is darker”?

Dissenting is his birthright,
Nothing to fear, men!
Nature assured we have nothing
But to loose our chain.

Let’s  ask a nude tree
How she feels in winter,
Leafless or lifeless she is?
We don’t care…