Poems by
Bijay Kant Dubey


a poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

It is almost the end February
And March is yet to come shortly
And by the way in between
You can see, come to feel and mark
The aura and aroma
Of the Kanchnar blooms,
Bright pink and white-coloured
And speckled,
But sweetly-scented
Fragrancing the ways
All through the night
So sparkling in hue, dazzling with
Brilliant colour matching,
Bright pink and white and speckled.

The flower buds hanging onto
Blooming in clusters at twig ends
Looking lovelier and beautiful
And attractive and pleasing to the eyes
So radiant and sparkling
With a halo of their own
Bedecking the skies
And the pathway
So lustrous and luscious
Lifting to the world of
Fancy and imagination,
Kanchnar, the kanchnar buds
So bright pink and white and speckled.