Poems by
Bhagyashree Saini

Where is my ‘Voice’?

a poem by Bhagyashree Saini

Where is my ‘Voice?’
To complain, to ask for my rights
To marry my choice, to demand my education

Where is my ‘Voice?’
In decision making, in dissenting
In disapproving, in this patriarchal society

Where is my ‘Voice?’
To be first in the queue of life,
To be a hero within my gender,
To be a part of this world in every dimension of life,
To be an equal partner in every relation of mine

Where is my ‘Voice?’
To tell the pain I carry throughout my life
To tell the scars of every night
To tell my story as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother, and so on.

I am a girl, I am a women,
I am a fighter
But, where is my ‘Voice?’