Poems by
Baquee Billah Ahmed

An inspiration to the youth for the Palliative Care

a poem by Baquee Billah Ahmed

Welcome youth for palliative care
Serve the sufferer save the tear
Come all together for a palliative tower
Make the unity, show the youth power

Many careless life, hopeless still in this terra
With hurting bosom, their life their gerra
Care their body, care their soul
You are the sunshine, alive their goal

Many are gloomy, relief less pain
Progress the humanity, forget the gain
Carry on them, do effort for switch
Come on all together with hands twitch

Many as cure less, little for charge
Stay as dependable, make their hope enlarge
Improve their life quality, treat physical
Educating their family, build faith an energetic spiritual

Child the future, care body, spirit and mind
Revolute the child society, prevent world’s blind
Make them knowledgeable, let them run
They must grow up, bright like sun

Welcome youth for palliative care
Wash the lazy heart, do like dare
Throw out darkness, bring a light
Fetch the society near the moon, make it bride