Poems by
Arkoprovo Ghosh

Musings of a Milennial

a poem by Arkoprovo Ghosh

I wonder often, why we must,
Ask ourselves, why we learn this
Or need try out a hand in that.

What if instead, we
Ask ourselves why we must live lives
In ways so antediluvian that we fail to contrive,
Any essence of new knowledge, skills, thought or art,
They only being naive ideas, wildly absurd!

Why do most people just hate ‘Science’,
Technology, Engineering, Medicine or Maths,
Only claiming old, popular tools as means
Of survival, expression and art?
Why need we feel that humanity ties,
Need only be limited those old, difficult deeds?
Why must we not be ourselves developed,
In modern tools, to not have us evolve into
Exploiting or exploited, Elois Morlocks?

Why in this age of information communication,
Are to be institutionalized into gluttony corporations,
Instead of aiding ourselves get liberated,
Into making a world, sans much squabble?
We’re all humans, equal, intelligent agentic;
Why need we be slaves, eternally submissive?