Poems by
Abhimanyu Kumar Tiwary

Wordy Eyes

a poem by Abhimanyu Kumar Tiwary

Before I saw you, I was ignorant of-
The language of eyes,
When one day I met you and realised-
Eyes truly speak!

How verbose were your eyes
Calm, soulful, shy but candid
Spake plainly without any hide
Windows to the soul and your pride.

Your eyes wear an elegant smile
Lively, lovely and bubbly simile
Twinkling as if they spread life
Dark, mesmerizing and carved knife.

I remember we had met after long
And silence was raising the mong’
Dare I talk, peeped into your sunken eyes
Screaming in silence with queries floating in disguise.

Tears, idle tears – let them flow
Wash your emotions and let them glow
Freshen up and see with your loquacious eyes
Someone has lot to share, little to verbalize.