Poems by
Aaliya Gambhir

Acquired Taste

a poem by Aaliya Gambhir

Sweet, like the words you whisper in my ear
As you caress the insides of my wrist
Your sugary compliments and honeyed seduction
When you kiss each of my fingertips

Spicy, like the flaming insults you hurl
When rage has you in a vice like grip
In the heat of the moment anything goes
And the burning temptation is hard to resist

Bitter, like your silent treatment
That effectively chips away my morale
I can never bear your harsh resentment
And immediately apologise to fix it all

Sour, like the sharp accusations
When ugly jealousy corrodes your veins
It’s hard for you to be vulnerable
So instead you play my feelings like a game

Salty, like your attitude
When you act as petulant as a child
You can’t take it when your ego’s bruised
So you lash out in an attempt to hide

You’re experimental cuisine
Different everyday
Spin the bottle, play Russian roulette
I never know which version of you I’ll get on the dinner plate

My friends tell me you’re difficult to tolerate
I say you’re just an acquired taste