Poems by
Aadhyanth N Shankar

Waiting for the Moon

a poem by Aadhyanth N Shankar

With dashing and dazzling brush in your arms
My life of blots has turned a canvas of charms
Bristles of mysterious love magical and mild
Wrestle with my innocent heart truly wild
Sprinkles of hues splatter the empty chart
They are the wrinkles ironed out of heart
Spreading wings for a fabulous fortnight
Then caging the spirit while not in sight
Flashes of brightness my canvas adorn
Splashes of tears trip from eyes forlorn
Dual life with two masks on earth I lead
Cruel is the eerie existence, so I plead
For the sky is a widow, robbed of Moon
The sky is looking for Moon to shine soon
My heart’s been aching for a Sun-like Moon
That gets never waning; I wait for the boon