Poems by
Zodina R. Parte

Dear Princess

a poem by Zodina R. Parte

Dear Princess, I bless the day that you were born
It’s in you where my true-love finds,
No one could ever love you more.
Come to me now and lay your hands over me,
You are everything in the world I need,
Without you I’m just like a disease, slowly fading…

Can I admire you, my sweet little princess?
I must breathe to tell you what I hold,
You are beautiful, as beautiful as the sky.
I thought I can live without you;
But my passion with your beauty grew,
Until when all your world of beauty’s gone.

How do you prepare when you love someone this way?
I’ll never worry if it’s raining outside,
I had no reason to care if you are with me.
Never say that I was false of heart,
Unlike anyone you’ve a tender heart, a loyal mind,
Of love deep learned to the red heart’s core.

Where shall I learn not to fall in love with you?
O fairy, tell me some mean to get her here,
Lost in a dream, often too far, often too near.
Even if it’s a lie, say it will be alright,
I’ll be under your star forever waiting for you,
Not once more did I close my happy eye.