a poem by Sachin Pushkarna

Definitely it ended before it started
You must think it wasn’t me
There are times when you feel so weak
Nothing in this world is as close as it seems
I know it is difficult to believe
But its there for all to see
Yeah believe
I didn’t reach yes I didn’t reach
Know it surpassed before it could be accomplished
In my mind I thought it was complete
Easily understood falsely undertook
Nowhere on this land it stuck to be proved
You must think how could I change
Stoop down, hurt me inside all the same
But its for you to see
Believe me
I couldn’t leave I couldn’t leave
Know I’d survive to meander along
But in my heart I lived
The bullet proof eyes the rosy face
The childish smile the freakish grace
Know you must think how could I surrender
To life , to love in a whisper I still wonder
But its for you to see
Believe me believe me
But I didn’t achieve, yes I didn’t achieve
It all fell away and I am still the same
Believe me believe me
I haven’t changed