Poems by
Yogesh Mishra


a poem by Yogesh Mishra

Is it a craft of ‘The Nature’,
Or the serenity so recondite,
Which brings forth into ‘The Existence’,
The ubiquitous Life light.

The incessant flow of the Rivers,
The unsurmountable peaks of the Mountains,
The wild raffish Woods,
All comprise the Life’s fountain.

There’s a fathomless pristine Love,
And enraptures, rancours and competitions,
There’s stark, lush and nefarious,
Blending the Life’s radical lexicons.

The covert, palpable comprehension,
The ecstacy, enlightenment and meditations,
Immaculate, chivalrous demeanour,
Depicts the Life’s glittering culminations.

The hues and the nuances,
The subtlety and the idiosyncrasy,
The iconoclasts and the bohemians,
Are the foliages of the Life’s tree.

The thoughtfulness pervades,
And the deed prevails,
The Body destroys and the Soul remains,
Thaws the Death and the Life sustains.