Your choice – Whispers from the night

a poem by Sangeeta

As the crow flies
You may go my child
There is no rhyme or reason
To muse over or mull
Go in step darling
To the dance of your heart

The world is a stage my love
The drama goes on for ever

No act is indelible dear
Every act is and is also isn’t

There comes an image clear
In the layers of your mind
You may follow it forever
Or catch it
Turn it round
In and out
Then keep it or
Throw it away
Without a turning back;
You may pick it again
And cherish it
As the most precious in your life.

There are no permanent standings
It is all a fluid play
An eternal act in motion

A promise holds a denial.
Fulfillment or breaking,
Trust and betrayal
Are just
The varied colours of life
All along dear
Each step is
Your choice.