Poems by
Yasaswini Sudarsanam

Success – A lifeline

a poem by Yasaswini Sudarsanam

Do you sometimes feel…

The harder you try, the harder it gets
The fiercer your ambitions, the larger it looms,
Farther you push, the lesser it moves
More you endure, the less you prevail…

And then one day, move it does,
Inch by inch, cinch by cinch
Until the mass melts
Trickling down falls a slow but steady drop
Dragging behind the mighty mass not by pull
But the push to yield to efforts formidably large
That appeared menacingly small…
To subdued urges Wildly fierce
Deceptively perceived fiercely tame…

And then the timeline that shrinks magnificently
Creating a total lack of it in bursts
The feel of a shudder and a remote assurance
In measures so inarguably even
So close and so far from attainment
The days of wait for its arrival
And then the silent creep in…
The inexplicable mix of the chill and the sweat
Reminiscences of days of dust and toil
A flush of relief
Inhibited in relish only by a tiny mental fatigue
Until the eyes give way to the infinite bliss…

Perennial respite is not just round the corner
Days of penance countless before the first touch of honor
Success is no hard or fast rule
But this is ‘n’ hence the need to remember