Poems by
White Noise

Wry Smiles

a poem by White Noise

Somebody get off the light
There’s a spider on the wall.
Shall I dream more if I close my eyes?

Shall I dive into the ancient pool, will you let me?
For the soul wanders, dry and thirsty,
Can I wear the black of your eyes?

Some man dreamed,
Yes, he dared to.
Shall I understand more, if I close my eyes,
Is it you, or is it just me?

Oh and yes that’s a smart thought
Keep it right where it is,
Where it clouds the moon.

Can I read the look in your eyes,
Or is it just my imagination
Death wish may be.

Float on the water
It’s easy, just try your wings
They work fine.

Don’t thank me
I just killed someone tonight,
And I feel weary, drowsy…
Let me rest, will you?

Come on you seer of visions
It’s not tough,
Just a little steel and force
Goes a long way,
May be you’ll find my heart.
May be you want to.