Poems by
White Noise

Wintry Grey

a poem by White Noise

Listen to the words that the winds are whispering out loud,
Wintry grey, waiting for something
Come to us, give up your life.
And the slow soft jarring against your ears,
You wish you were deaf, though not quite so.

And another interlude…
Waiting for life, they are waiting for death
Wintry grey, they whisper out loud.
And very slowly like a violin riff
You feel yourself leaving, levitating,

Tonight I dance to the tune of ghastly music
See them smile, their wide broad grins,
And you give up your life just to hear that tune again
Wintry grey, your soul dances…

And the fire burns…
I feel my skin scorch and wrinkle
It doesn’t hurt, instead,
A strange kind of pleasure
Surges through my body.
I want to give up my life today…
Because it is wintry grey