Poems by
Wali T. Dr.

The Colours of Life

a poem by Wali T. Dr.

Let me sing now something new:
Though my words are just a few;
Something lasting; good for ever,
True, such words were heard but never.

Life does often look like a puzzle-
The clueless mystery almost a riddle.
The key is amiss, it still lies,
Somewhere deep buried in the middle.

Life is colourful, full of gaiety;
A riot of colours, a celebration of variety.
Complexions and skin-tones, fair and dark;
Diversity prevails with so much to mark.

Bewildering shades with so many a hue;
Spanning from violet, indigo and blue,
Go to green, yellow, orange and red.
Colours are countless as they say.
But, essentially, colours are sanguine or sad:
Lively and blithe, bright and gay:
Colours can be desolate, dark and gray.

Colours, then, carry the philosophy of life:
In harmony we live; our life is a delight;
By cribbing about the worldly strife,
We die like one in mortal fright.

For, Mother Nature like a large prism of sorts,
Seeks just a single ray of Light divine,
To beget all these countless colours of Life:
Colours that can’t fade or cease to shine!