Poems by
Wali S T Dr.

The Lone Witness

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

We all have one:
That remnant scar
Over our abdomen

A living reminder:
Of umbilical connexions,
One had with one’s mother!

Those who just ignore this,
I don’t know how sad it is:
To disown your mother
Despite the cicatrix!

The lone witness of the womb:
The cord that feeds,
Even as the baby takes shape,
Supply all that it needs.

Our conscience is not much different:
It has its own chinks;
It has got that element,
That remembers its links,
With God- Creator and Sustainer,
Seventy-fold like our own mother

Why forget your mother,
Or God, either?
You cannot afford,
To deny the umbilical cord!

For, God loves us all:
Seventy times more, as it were,
Than your own mother
Heed to His call.

For, God’s so merciful.
Open the door,
Vacate your fear;
Be faithful and grateful,

Sure, you can go that far:
So much lies concealed,
In that round scar-
The first wound now healed.