Eliot City

a poem by Anand Bose

Carnival in neon puffed up;
Dandy hat out
Of the bill board
Winks in rainbow colors
Promises are feathery nails
Empyrean in seduction.

The luxury candies
Are piling up —
The blinking is
Ceremoniously red

The lobster in
The way side glass
Grins placidly.

The pedestrians
Glimpse each other
In speedy meditation;
Camouflaged palms
Are metallic on ears
And talking.

The muezzin’s
Drones into the ears
And spills over as

She winks and waves
And pulls up her stockings
Show casing her nails,
Polished with die cast aluminium.

A candy screeches
And the door beams open.
Off sunshine goes into it
For a paid, progressive night.

The soup box
Whirs over the head
It’s mechanistic
And going around
In pelvic circles.

The police soups
Nirvana into
His Harley import;
Die-hard roars through
The city as a
Steel monk
Overtaking frigidity.