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Colours of Life

a poem by Vix

I look towards the train full of life.
With joy and happiness in people, who are mine.

Sorrow has taken it’s own place
The whole compartment is lit dull with agony and pain.

I stood their watching the pain and sorrow,
Praying god, to let me some borrow.

Marriage was in air, with it’s lovely color,
People can to see them in bright colors.

Exchange of garland, money and wishes,
Clicking of snaps, seeing no one misses.

Then there was the other side,
Silently walking over the tides.

Heads bens, pale looking face,
Moisture filled eyes, as the legs lost it’s pace.

Color to see was black and white,
Looked like the rainbow has lost it’s fight.

Quite atmosphere was filled with sadness
Overcoming that was like a madness.

Closed were the lips as the eyes did the talking,
Happiness was faraway as sadness was knocking.

Seeing the different shades, the color of life.
I still stood their watching people of mine.