Poems by
Viswanath Krishnan

Laughing Leaf

a poem by Viswanath Krishnan

Lush with leaves was the spring-time tree;
the leaves in the wind were dancing in glee;
blithe were those that were fresh and green,
thinking of spring as an undying scene.

Spring through summer when sun shone bright,
the green leaf laughed and rustled in delight;
The present is joyous and will be all through,
so thought the leaf when larger it grew.

At close of summer some leaves began to wail,
as a few turned red and some turned pale.
The green leaf laughed at their changing hues,
not giving a thought to its coming woes.

Summer turned autumn and leaves began to fall,
and the green leaf knew of fate to befall all.
Bereft of leaves the tree in winter grieves,
waiting for the spring to bear new leaves.

Leaf or man or anything that lives
all pass through stages that nature gives;
But as day follows night, spring comes too
when winter is past and the sky turns blue.