Poems by
Viswanath Krishnan

Changing Times

a poem by Viswanath Krishnan

History tells us of what went past,
good and bad, of kings and tyrants;
of times when might was right,
when slavery was a natural state.

History tells us of wars and annexations,
of conquests and subjugations,
of expansions and colonisations,
of strong haves and weak have-nots.

History tells us of revolts and revolutions,
of rise of liberty and equality,
of man’s rights to life and freedom,
of emergence of civilized democratic nations.

History tells us of coming of the Age of Reason,
when old faiths became inadequate,
and new faith in reason was thin,
and a new age of confusion was born.

What history of our era will we leave behind?
Will it be of a regression to the animal in man,
or of rise of a co-operative global community?
The ever changing Time will pen this chapter.