Poems by
Vishal Digani

My love forever… forever…

a poem by Vishal Digani

Everyone fall in love but get few
I am also in love and that it’s true
My fantasies had angel with whom I was in love
She was sent from heaven above…
A day came, in real I saw that angel smiling
I was excited and I was shivering…
My heart was beating on a very high pace
I knew she was special, cos I have a smile on my face…

I tried to hide my feelings from her
My eyes couldn’t control and showed my love
I tried to make friends… wanted hand in hand
She said yes, she was kind…
Suddenly my luck changed, as she changed her mind
I was happy, was on seventh sky
All things changed, dream of hand in hand
Couldn’t last longer, came to an end…

I knew something is wrong…
I was shocked, I was heart broken,
I wanted to know, I tried my best
Why it happened, couldn’t get the reason
Nothing I could imagine, thought it might be my test
I kept my patience, was ready to be at my best

My life started giving me pain
I knew what has changed? Was my fate!!
What I could see from her eyes, was nothing
Just , she doesn’t like me, she just hates.
I still thought not to give up
Cos where there’s a will there’s a way
I knew it was now too late
I was in love, I was on my way
I was focussed I was determined
What may I have to see, I have to face
But I will definitely stay

Days passed then months, and then years
I realised she is surely mine… she my life…
Everytime I see her, she was more beautiful
Was a treat to my eyes
Falling in love with her, made me realise
I am no more ordinary
Watching myself losing her every moment
It was really very scary

I could only see her love in her ignorance
Her eyes were speaking it all
More and more I was facing it
Love was making me fall
As time passed, I couldn’t make one reason
Why is she, a part of my world
None other than, love was the word

To know more about love, I read a book
Was shattered completely, when she answered
My love was not a love, cos it was based on looks
She asked me to get real!
But I knew I was in love with her
She was my life…

Everything changed in a while
Pain I could see all over
But how could I be ending it
She was special… not like others…
Things change, life makes some wonder..
World will see us one, hand in hand
Cos we will be together… forever and forever.