Poems by
Vishal Digani

World of Love (You and Me)

a poem by Vishal Digani

Nothing happened intentionally, still I accept
The fact I deserve your anger
Love is truly there around anger
But don’t know before or after

You will realise what I did, was not wrong
You will realise what you did, was not crime
One move of yours, of love
Will surely let pass all the bad time

A world of love is waiting for you
I can imagine, I can see
Angels taking care of you
Santa blessing you happiness and with loads love
Everyone will be happy to see you from ground and from above

You need to open and see it from your eyes and with love
Everything of mine is for you which I am blessed from above
Nothing would be there existing saying its me, for hours
Everything will be with love saying it’s ours

There will be welcome of a new world, full of bright
Where we both could see each other in our sight
I am waiting for you, with open arms
Don’t stop yourself, surely love will be at its best charm
I am not wrong, you knew its the right way,
I will not leave your hand, please don’t let me go away
I’ll be as beautiful as flower in the garden
To make your life look good, I’ve nothing else to say

I promise you our world will not be of any pain
Love is the name of our world
Where happiness for you
Will definitely gain…

See my world with love in your eyes
There will be no place of anger
God is surely there in love… we will be one
Let the world know, god listened to my prayer