Poems by
Vinta Bhattacharjee

Like my Mother

a poem by Vinta Bhattacharjee

Like my mother you cared for me
Like my mother you loved me
Like my mother you comforted me
You showed me the path
You stood for me

There were times when I could not see the way
But you showed it anyway
There were times I fell on my knees
You picked me up and made me see.
There were times when everything was a lie
But you made me rely
You are the shoulder I cry on
You are the one I rely on

There were times I had lost all hopes in life
You were the one who gave it all back.

They say god can’t be there everywhere
So he made mother
They say everyone is lucky to have a mother
But I say I am luckier as I have a mother
Who gave me birth
Who has brought me up
Who has always stood there for me but today
I have another person who has also done all for me
I thank god forgiving me a person like you
And I thank you for being like my mother