Poems by
Vikash Poddar


a poem by Vikash Poddar

On the threshold of Hawilda land
Someone visioned the cement land appearing then to be sand
Phantom and apparitions seems to be present
’twas Lincoln, Washington and Caesar
Who were crimping the food with scissors
It was the inexpressibly and melancholy valley
And they with great wails were ringing some doleful iron bells
Though the town was sleeping
But their eyes were clouded with sorrow
And they said again and again, “We will come again tomorrow”
No one to hark the mournful bell
Only I did hear Lincoln saying,
“See the man converting emerald serpents.
Save the world! Save the world!”
Washington beseeched,
“Heaven born instinct now have been barren.
Save the world! Save the world!”
Caesar did tell,
“Stop the senseless misery and worthless feeling of envy.
Save the world! Save the world!”
I heard may be in dream
And I loudly cried, “O God! Save me! Save me!”