Poems by
Vikash Poddar

The Daily Watch

a poem by Vikash Poddar

Alone he watches the lusty green field
And alone was there
And daily he shouted to hear echo of himself
And took a walking mall
The sun was shimmering
Although ’twas twilight
And was flying the kite high
And the nightjar was flying in the high mountain and lakes
This boy hear the rustling
And was visioning distinctly everything
By sitting on the tree
And stopped to fly the kite
Alone he began to play
Under the tree shade
Suddenly a serpent was noticed by him
And he ran far away
To his nearby home
And was harrowed by that vision
Soon he clearly spoke this to his father and mother
And was warned again and again to never go there again
But he loved and always used to visit here at dawn
But has now been threatened to hie there even at morn
The garden was locked forever
And his wish, hobby, flowering, enjoying has now been stopped forever
Slowly he grew old and one day
A friend was just in his home
Talking about there old days
At last the friend told him
That ‘It was the unreal snake I kept to frighten you my dear Baloo’