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A night and you

a poem by Venkatesh

So much raucous noises around!
What can I write in these disquieting disturbances?
Yet when it starts it doesn’t stop
About sweet nothings or bitter everything

A stumble to the flow
Such a long gap would pose
Proved to be false

Details of the reality
Too complicated to construe
My mind too small, I conclude

The night started as usual
Words and silences carried the song
Gone with the air were you and me

Not wanting to denude the bliss
With the endless strands of light
Slept with the morning!

Not a word did I remember
Yet I remembered every little detail

The way she would have flicked the channels
The way she would have rubbed the drowsy eyes
The way she would have munched the apple-pie

Cud feel the sense of togetherness
Cud feel the pang of distances
A night of contradictions

Had nothing more to tell
Yet I would have talked for years
Had nothing to listen to,
Yet I would have listened with all my ears

When it was finished, it was not!
Lingering still vividly
In the dim light inside the rug
Permeating through the threads
It will never be, will never be!

Full stops may become commas
Commas may become full stops
She can talk about movies
And I about my future novel

And much more
It’s never going to be enough!

Living in the thoughts
In some wet corner of the wall
Like a skimpy toadstool

Separated by distances so much
Obviated by the multitude of people
Still we continue to live
In the deep confines of the desert, sea and sky!

I woke up from the night
To the world of pretensions
Hobnobbing with long noses
Fair faces, dark hairs,
Sunglasses and shopping malls
As required by everyone else
As desired by no one else
Comfortably numb,
Comfortably lifeless,
Comfortably hidden!