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Again with…

a poem by Venkatesh

Sky- azure colored
Staring unconsciously
There is nothing in between
Not even air, I assume!

Struck a many conversations with the sky
Of dreams
Of desires
Of despairs
Through its vivacious stillness!
Through its shades of light
Bright, dark, dim and grey!

Wept with me the blue sky
In those dark moments of
Gloom beyond grasps
Beyond consolations!

Stumbling for an answer
For my dreamy riddles
The doodles of twilight
Shown me the way often!

Lying down on the terrace innumerable times
Watched my own mind
In its blissful union with the sky!

In those soft moments
With the tenderness of femininity
Inseparable have I become
From her, him and the sky!

Never understood why
I write poems and experience dreams!

But whenever I part with the sky
And come out of dreams
I ask myself
“Again with the bone and flesh humans?”