Poems by
Vasanth Kumar J

Run, child…

a poem by Vasanth Kumar J

The calm breeze that caresses
Warm laughter that reminds
Exploding images and the emotions
Evoke a hidden smile, that blinds.
Makes you want to flap your wings
For you want to chase the winds
Hoping that you would fly
In the eternal gardens before they dry
To see you run in freedom
Is the killer of my boredom
With all the colours to light
Defeating the illusions that fight.
The ripples in the calm pond
The waves in the vast oceans
The winds of the dancing fields
The diamonds in the velvet sky
Spreading all the love around
Innocence, all its basic ground
No paper, no concrete to worry
Waiting time, not in a hurry.
All in the present, Oh! so now
Future too, beyond and how,
God! that hop and the joy so mild
Run, child! This world is too wild…