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a poem by Vanlalfaka

When the sun falls and moon comes up,
You laugh under the moon light,
You walk and dance as you’re in paradise,
Coz’ the moon wants you to smile.

Darkness is disappeared under its shine,
Sun stroke run away to far distance,
And moon light won’t let you faint,
As the moon want you to smile.

The moon is out of your mind,
Coz’ you feel it’s nothing,
As artificial light is your delight,
But it’s just light on the earth.
The light you love is for a moment,
Having different colors for a short while,
It woe you for your little smile,
And it won’t light your every mile.

Spare your time and wonder how,
You might realize the nature of moon light,
Though he wants happiness dwells in your heart,
The moon is in darkness and light.

The moon will not regret for his destiny,
If you can miss someone under his shine,
As sacrificing is an essence of pure love,
The moon will not mind for your delight.