Poems by
Vaibhav Gupta

My First Love

a poem by Vaibhav Gupta

Just a look in her eyes
‘n I was in heaven.
Just a smile on her face
‘n in my heart bliss was traced.

As she spoke the word ‘Hye’
I lost my speech and felt shy.
Believe it or not
The moment was really like a knot.

Before having seen her beauty
I considered love as an absurd duty.
But when her face came in front,
Me was knocked into the fence,
Of course with her beauty intense.

Now, when I look at her,
Get a feeling that’s crazy.
‘n her lips sparking desire,
Make my pain vanish.

Strange is the strangeness which I experience:
When I close my eyes, I find her;
When I open my eyes, I search her.
Isn’t this beauty that should list everybody?

Her face whirls before my eyes
‘n what I wish is her sweet smiles.
The touch and the motion she’s got,
Is ‘coz of the way she smiles;
Smiles so sweetly, even to damn the word ‘sweet’.

Now I often I dream-
Kissing the moon(i.e my love) many a times;
Dancing with an angel(i.e. my love) in the sky;
The snowfall(i.e my love) during summer;
The shining heat(i.e my love) in the winter.

Now – My heart defines love in such a way:
“When a volley of words mean the same
When the hearts lie in the same lane;
only when the hearts are bound,
Only then ‘love’ is found.”

She, being the one I adore,
Not going to give up nor make her bore.
And standing by her side,
I’m sure, ” time is forever ours”.

Love is Love, but
First love happens tough.
That what’s stable till death,
Is only and only first love’s bet.

And now I want some answers from her soothing lips-
“Can I be the one to hold you for all my life?
Can I peep into thy glittering eyes?
‘n can I’ve that dreamy moony kiss forever?”

At last, I shall say-
The moment we understand love, First love happens only then.
The moments before, the moments ahead,
Do not have this unblemished love in their thread.