Poems by
Urvi Malhotra

What’s life all about

a poem by Urvi Malhotra

As I walk on the sandy shores,
I am happy to be away from my regular chores.

I see the waves come towards me
And once they are there they never go back to the sea.

I wonder if this is what life teaches us,
To move ahead with time, evading our past’s rust.
To live for the present and to work for the future,
To learn from the past and be ready for whatever is to occur.

In a glimpse of the setting sun,
I see the birds pass-by, all having fun.

I wonder what this indicates
Maybe to enjoy every moment and be in a happy state.
To live with the fragrance of love and optimism.
And to reject the flames of hatred and sarcasm.

I pass-by the weeds of the little hill
As outstretched as the oceans, all along the pond that’s still.

And now I know what this has to tell.
To grasp the dust of knowledge and intelligence’s spell.
To buy from the world “happenings”
And to sell to them our “logic reasoning”

If our life’s secrets are stored in nature.
We have lots to explore for the future.

Our life is not a WAR that’s to be fought,
Nor a STRUGGLE that we can afford to give up and rot.
Coz’ in us are the buds of worlds progress
That bloom.when we are happy and healthy and not depressed.

So, lets live major part of our life as an ASSIGNMENT that needs completion.
Of course with hope, sublimity and perfection.
And for the remaining, let destiny decide
Our luck or fate, that within us will always reside.