a poem by Atul Sharma

Why we are here
Why we wish to be there where we should not be
Why earth revolves around sun
Why human beings hurt each other feeling just to fulfill there desire
Why we look for reasons to smile
When we smile do you think there is reason for smile
Why to we bother about society
When we want to something, after all society is made by us
Why we fear from loosing
By loosing after all life does not end
One lost battle gives us lesson for winning war
Why we believe in God
About whose existence we are not quiet sure
Why we should not believe in ourselves
Whose existence is as true as life on earth?
Why do we look for reasons to live
When we do not know what made us to be here
And where we have to go after this
Why do we fall in love even though we know
That it is going to bring more pain than love to us?
Why I am writing this even I do not know