Poems by
Umaed Joseph

The Unknown

a poem by Umaed Joseph

The footsteps made upon the sand confess
Her graceful stride
Each turned upside down because the world’s on the other side.
The eagle spreads his weary wings open to the sun,
As twigs beneath his feet crack an ode to the hunters gun.
Many men have walked the path, no two feel the same,
The world we see is not a rock
She beats with life untame.
A fisherman casts his net below hoping fortune he’ll find
As wisemen leave the fools behind, sailing to seek their kind
But it’s all in vain oh can’t you see
The open eye is blind,
In the dark the blindman sees but you’re still on your knees.
No man knows where the feather falls
Once the breeze has blown,
So how come you will take the fall
Before you walk the unknown?