Poems by
Uma Capirala


a poem by Uma Capirala

There are times when the sun takes the light out of our life as it sets!
There are times when the darkness drips in through the window!
as the rain wets the dry leaves!
There are times when our eyes refuse to see the moon when night pours!
And focuses on the feeble, fading stars for guidance!
And yet, there are moments when our hearts are happy!!
And our minds are clear, in the darkest of hours!

There are moments when we hear the thundering silence inside us!
There are moments when we stop hearing our heart beat,
as the world comes to a standstill!.
There are moments when everything seems further away than it is!
And movement becomes a luxury that is only dreamt of!
Yet, my friend, there are times we hear music from the distant skies
and the moon seems to be singing a sweet lullaby!

Whatever the time,
wherever the place,
whichever might be the situation,
the soul will find happiness in every possible way!
Because it is not only designed for eternal suffering!
But also to discover everlasting bliss…