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a poem by Uma

At times, my mind incessantly secretes threads
Of thoughts, and weaves an attractive web,
So shiny and glistening,
Extremely alluring and so inviting,
For the prey to walk into it straight,
Holding promises to get transported
Into another world!

And at times, refusing to get wiser
With the previous incidents,
I, invariably turn into the prey and enter
Into that outwardly marvellous web
To get stung at, to flutter in agony,
To helplessly lie half dead into it
Foolishly wondering as to where
Will my mind go if I do not survive
The experience at all!

At times, the web is very promising,
Showing me a bright, glorious future,
Flickering hopes and enlivening wishes.
But these times are very rare.
At most of the times,
It is the bygone days-
The past that is not going to return,
And the death of all hopes and the chars of the wishes.
Sometimes, it is the present
Boring suffocation
Inducing laboured breathing
Not at all a heartening experience!

At times, I have the strength
To find some loophole
And break open from the web
But even then, it refuses to
Be away from my persona
As the threads keep clinging to me
A sticky cobweb!