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Jewel of my Heart

a poem by Tiyagi

Across continents and oceans you dwell
But eternally you are the jewel of my heart;
That was a stage in my life, down and depressed
When you fluttered in as a wandering mist;
Soft and sweet but invisible to my touch
You flitted in and out without my breath.
At once a thousand blossoms flourished in my garden
That till then was languishing for warmth and love;
A gentle breeze silently took away the faded leaves
That had fallen from a decrepit old heart.
A new rhythm held the sway of my strings
Away from all the melancholies of the past;
A dance all anew soon engulfed my soul
Forgetting in solemn ecstasy the disdainful wasted past.

A single glance winced at me
Probing the depths of my heart;
Those mischievous dancing grey eyes beckoned
A thousand dreams of lustre in rainswept days of love;
The arched eyes with silken brows curved
To kill the last of my pathetic defense;
Soft sunshine smile pounded my heart
To a thousand new unheard melodies
That pierced my pining heart far more mercilessly
Than a crafty cardio-vascular surgeon could ever do.

The gentle trod with noisy trinkets splashed around me
Unmindful of the devastation it caused;
The winter sun hid eclipsed in shame
As you, the winter rose, emerged radiant in glory
Amidst the pile of gloomy monotonous faces;
Resplendent in joy, swirling in arrogant pride,
Clothed in majestic beauty, jewelled in diamonds of laughter,
You captured the evening sun to make it your own
As you danced around the pathway to thousands of glares
In moments of astonished envy and blissful joy;
Nature stood still in agonizing ecstasy
To catch a glimpse of your beautiful form
As it gently trodded down the rosy path in the evening sunset.

What words and tunes can describe heart’s melody
As it blended in rhythm of love and ecstasy;
What tunes can describe in mournful rhapsody
The pangs of my separation from you;
Images and images flit up and down as tireless waves
Meaninglessly splash the unyielding realities;
As I walk lonely on the silent beach,
I pause and turn to see the setting sun
Watching from its distance the last gasp of my winter rose;
The meandering surf in set eternal patterns
Gently wipes away the footprints of my love, my time;
The jewel of my heart is now long gone.forever.