Humiliating – Those Days

a poem by Nidhi Batra

Oh! Just imagine those days when each day you carried the sense of guilt,
Without any shield of quilt,
Unlike the boy in peanuts (A comic by Charles Shultz)
Who was a friend of Marcie,
And when you certainly felt that it would be certainly better if you were Parsie.

Those days which seem like yesterday want to be always far away,
When you slept- in class- soundly,
And quite profoundly,
Watching in your dreams that you are a sway,
You suddenly wake up,
But slowly you realize you are in a cup (a storm in a tea cup),
In front of your school principal telling you constantly about the value of

Oh! Then the humiliation, which other people feel, is quite a sensation!
Those days were not only deafening but also quite breathing,
And now entering the school for me is quite daring,
Nobody now- about me- is quite caring,
But after all, will not anyone know why I slept?
I didn’t commit a lepth (theft);
That you are punishing me like that!