Poems by
Thiagarajan A

A Numbness

a poem by Thiagarajan A

He said “Sit, be quiet, observe”
I sat down cross-legged
The lizard on the wall, the kitchen aroma,
The butterfly around, the crevices and mounds abound
My own seat – everything looked like conspiring, interfering,
Just don’t bother, he said, sit and sit and be sitting…
Nothing was and I did not know when,
It was a well I was delving into, down and down
Dig, dig pig-like- tending to explode
The sun and the moon at reach
Manna of the skies…
Also soaring, like an eagle.
It was an endless sea, toward the unknown skyline
But also it was – I got dumb and couldn’t speak
It was something, like being in another being
Becoming a larger being… Meshing into…
It was light and darkness together
Nerves tense and, hot and cold
Nothing was in or out… no without nor within
A numbness creeping up behind.