Poems by
Tejdeep Kaur

What about me?

a poem by Tejdeep Kaur

Brother got a cycle on
his birthday, me a doll.
He pushes me away from
the cycle, I can only ring
its bell and flee.

Grandma boils two eggs
every day, none for me.
Eggs are bad for girls she says,
they make them ferocious and male.
But my legs hurt
in the running race.

Two tickets for the cricket match.
Father declared brother
and he would go.

Brilliant my teachers said,
send her for higher studies.
Father rushed to the Astrologer.
My husband turned out the maid servant.

Father divided his property,
mine was given as dowry.
As books can’t do dishes,
they put me on to the street.
Brother looked the other way.
What about me?