Bad marks…

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

So beautiful eyes,
But still blind;
With gift of wild senses,
Yet no sense to mind.

Yes I gotta heart,
But comes with it, its ache;
Within me lies consciousness,
Yet it is not awake.

The same crossroads,
Again like before;
The same sadness,
Again the same heart sore.

My own blood suffocates me,
My own soul turns a blind eye;
In this battle of life,
I always ended up with a cold sigh.

I know I am talented,
But the world doesn’t agree;
All that which lies within me,
The world is not able to see.

I will prove my worth,
I will do something big;
To show off the treasure buried in me,
I need time to dig.

Luck hasn’t been my biggest strength,
Nor has god been very kind;
When it comes to scoring marks,
Unfortunately my stars have never shined.

But I haven’t given up,
Like you I still play under the sun;
I have survived the battles,
And I’ll win the war in the long run.

Don’t try to sympathize with me,
I still have self-respect;
I am good at everything but one,
And you need help in every aspect.

I have reached here despite obstacles,
I will go much further for sure;
It is you, who have got stuck,
It is you who need help and care.