Poems by
Tanya Panicker

God’s Own Country

a poem by Tanya Panicker

God’s own country, what a place!
Full of beauty, full of grace!
Pretty flowers all around,
Tasty fruits on the ground!

From a height you would have seen,
Kerala is only green!
Enjoy the coconut water galore,
Watch the backwaters from the shore.

Enjoy the cool breeze blowing your hair,
I tell you it’s like heaven there!
Go on a wonderful boat ride,
Watch the fishing boats come with the tide.

To see the different cultures,
To see the different ways,
Tourists come from all over,
And stay for many days.

I’m enchanted by it’s greenery,
And it’s beautiful scenery,
To go again, I just can’t wait,
Kerala! Oh what a lovely state!