Poems by
Suvarnag Rani Gandham

Frozen Tear Drop

a poem by Suvarnag Rani Gandham

It is a frozen tear drop,
Which I was holding up under my eyelids.
It is an erupting volcano,
Which I was holding in my heart.
Brother! I do not want you to see this, This agony!
This heart wrenching agony in my eyes.
For, this will be more painful than
The fathomless pain you are in-
Yes Brother!
I am hoping against hope.
Endlessly waiting for revival of your life.
Those mad cells that are killing you
I hope will soon be killed letting you live.
Brother! Fight it out,
Fight with your steel mind
Here take my strength too!
Look into future
Kill that what wants to kill you
And infuse life not only in you, but also in me.