Poems by
Sushma Archana P

The war that strikes terror

a poem by Sushma Archana P

War is a word that strikes terror in us,
which even saddens the blooming buds.
By hearing the sounds of the artillery shells,
the priest stops ringing the church bells.
As the atmosphere becomes dull and frightening,
even the little nightingale stops singing.
The people with terror in their hearts,
the young and the old alike,
repeat the name of god.

On the streets there are no passers-by,
but alas! There are enemy planes in the sky.
Suddenly there is a deafening sound with a great spark,
then with pitiful crying sounds, everything becomes dark.
The town with thousands of men and women
is mostly destroyed by bombing,
with only a few people left mourning.
by this, I come to a sad conclusion;
that war means a total destruction.