Poems by
Susan Abraham


a poem by Susan Abraham

At last I have reached this island
Alone on a floating plank.
The ship on which I sailed
Is sinking into the wide open
Orifice of whale-like wild waves
Here there is not even a Friday to serve
This Robinson Crusoe.
I heave a sigh of relief.
Here I sleep on the seashore
Enjoying the sea breeze
Gazing at the myriads of stars above
Who seem to watch me also
Winking their twinkling eyes.
Cooler than an air-conditioned room, I think.

Roaming through the forest filled
With luscious fruits tasting like honey,
I wonder how it was in Eden.
Deers browsing in savannahs filled
With the sunshine of youth
Exhilarate me with boundless joy.
I can hear the roaring of wild animals.
Sometimes I feel pangs of fear.
But when I remember man’s cruelty
Towards his companions I feel
It is safer here.

It is thrilling to bathe
In the meandering rivers
Cascading down high mountains.
Here one is close to nature
Reveling in boundless beauty.
One day I spied a rescue party
Coming to save shipwrecked people.
I hid in a cave to escape
Their attention and hurrah!
They did not notice me.

I come to the conclusion
That it is a law of nature
That after disasters like a shipwreck,
Happiness ensues.