Poems by
Suresh Kumar

Cursory Courtesy

a poem by Suresh Kumar

I had had a bad sleep, tossing and turning,
In the bed making it crumple and complain,
And got up with a bad temper,
It is a bad morning I thought as I ventured to a walk,
To be wished Good Morning by a passerby
I turned grimace into grin, unable to say it wasn’t.

My bad mood continued, sleep alone not being the cause
What I bought yesterday didn’t work today, I tensed
Should I throw the thing at the shopkeepers face
And make his face contort the way I had
Only to be wished welcome sir by the doorman
Grimace turned to grin, unable to say I wasn’t.

The argument at the shop made my nerve touchy
Even a slight noise made me jumpy
With thoughts thousand in the mind I entered
The Den that was my office to peace get back
The peon entered and wished Good Afternoon Sir
A forced grin again to rescue me from my temper.

Pressure mounted, the temper suffered,
The office work ghost grew like to haunt
Let me get out of here, my mind ordered,
Hastily dumped the papers and walked out the mess
Was that person known, who wished good evening Sir,
Known or unknown, my courteous self took over.

The car punctured, my journey to home hampered,
Fret and Fume were the thoughts that came to my mind
As I waited with impatient patience
To repair the motorized monster that was called the car
How are you doing Sir, the mechanic queried
Mental slap on his face, but a physical grin the reply.

I have to be civilized, I have to be the world with
That teaches me to tell lies and cloak my thoughts real
Why a man can’t ventilate the feelings true
And rid the emotions and anger spot on
As I mused, my wife said Good Night,
For once I hoped it would be true.