Poems by
Supriya Bhatia

A tribute to my dear father

a poem by Supriya Bhatia

My father who was so dear to me,
Who was my pillar of strength
Guided me always about every aspect of life
Stood behind me to support every step I took

Gave me wings to fly
When I wanted to,
Respected every decision I made,
Believing in me

Gave me amendous love ‘n’ affection,
No father will love any daughter like this,
It was just pure bliss!
My dear father has now left heavenly abode,
It’s just his body that cannot be seen,
His soul is always around me I strongly feel!

His memories I treasure
Like a beautiful flower,
His blessings and love is
My strength and power!
Body may turn to ashes,
But soul is never far!

He will be with me
Until my death,
Will hold my hand till
My last breath,

My dear papa
I love you very much,
In the race of death
Why did you rush?

Surroundings are same,
People are same,
But in my heart
There is anguish and pain,
Papa I could not save you,
All my efforts went in vain!

I pray to god that
You are my father
In every life I get,
No daughter will get father
Like mine I bet!

Oh! My papa I miss you very much
In the race of death why did you rush?
You are a star in the sky
I promise you papa I won’t cry

You are in my thoughts
And in my prayers
I know you are
With me everywhere!

My father dear father
I’ll love you always,
|Your daughter will
Always miss your loving
And smiling face!