Poems by
Suman Singh

In the Net

a poem by Suman Singh

A little mouse
Stands at the door,
To take you up
On a world tour,
For the world has shrunk
To a tiny dot,
And all the keys
Are in one lot.

The windows are open.
Inviting are the gates.
Near are the horizons.
Not far is space.
Press down a button
And you can be off,
At the click of a mouse
The flight takes off.

You are the pilot.
You the plane.
At dot com
Is all that it takes,
To travel the oceans
Or roam the skies,
To go round the world,
It just takes no time.

Mail can be sent
Quite in an instance,
And friends can be made
However far the distance,
Send a card or invitation,
A photograph, to any land.
A new way of communication
Is right on hand.

The frontier is open,
Without any fences,
To cross all the countries
You need have no passes.
Just open all the windows
And have a look
Information is available
Without paper, pen or book.

What sells where,
You can know instantly,
And it’s all available,
Quite directly.
Advertisements can reach
Quite far and wide
Your own web page
Can be run besides

At your fingertips
Lies this world of magic
So go make that trip
It needs no baggage
With cyberspace
It is quite easy
To be anywhere:
Wherever you wish to be.