Space, Cyberspace

a poem by Ramesh T A

The wide open space, four dimensional in nature,
is impossible to visualise as a whole!
Cyberspace is virtual reality in the world
wide internet connection of computers;
Like mind, soul and space, cyberspace
is also an abstraction, in which
Man tries to unfathom the unknown
bizarre situation as to his energetic vitality!

Dreaming or browsing of favourite matters
sustains human beings in this world with hope!
Training or exercising in virtual reality helps one
tackle problems well in true reality;
Ideas obtained of experience or knowledge so help one
achieve one’s dreams after sometime;
But the exploration of inner space in cyberspace itself is
a virtual bliss similar to the exploration of Outer Space!

Nothing is permanent and real, but
everything is temporary and illusionary in the Universe!
Not even the Stars, Sun, Moon, Earth
and human life of the world too!
So, the spirit is permanent, real and its
union with the Universal Spirit is the ultimate reality;
For, as the human spirit has evolved from the Universal Spirit.
It has to dissolve itself too in it at the end!

Hence Eastern philosophy says denial of Sex,
too much food and sensual pleasures
only can open the wisdom’s eye to see
the Spirit in the inner Space;
Meditation enlightens the mind, whereas
mysticism energises the soul!
The West, that believes only in
the sound mind in the strong body
relies on scientific knowledge to explore
the inner spirit with external aids!

So, liquors they consume to cheer up
and boost up their spirit!
Drugs they take to get
the vision they long for!
From the physical pleasures they try to attain
spiritual bliss by intellectual exploration!
How could the take off be possible without
freeing oneself from the attachments to the ground?

Cyberspace is yet another scientific invention
may be leading one to addiction of another kind!
But, for the objective explorers, it’s a big boon
boosting up one to superman level!
Cyberspace has made the world small
by its network connections
For the exchange of ideas and information, which is
otherwise, not accessible to all in the world!

Cyberspace is like the Antarctica, moon and the Space,
A no man’s land left for the explorers
to discover new frontiers for mankind!
But pirates have easy access to defence
secrets of nations, if secret codes are known!
So, land of no laws, cyberspace is a difficult place
to implement rules of law, if any!

Excitement, tension and insoluble crisis
of human life drive one
To seek relief, relaxation and escape
from such human situation!
Diversion from the routine to intellectual pursuits
and mysticism in nature give a change.
Dreaming, musing and browsing open the door
of cyberspace to explore mysteries in and out!

Meditation without external things is
the real way to attain spiritual heights!
Space exploration with technological developments
to detect life somewhere in some planets is difficult.
Invention of computer has created a new field called
cyberspace to explore the inner space of man!
But, exploration of outer Space or inner space with matter
but not with mind has made man still a slave of matter!

No Matter, never Mind, but only Spirit is the reality
and the ultimate reality man has to realise!
Exploration of inner space to know Reality
and Ultimate Reality is the way of life in the East!
Exploration of Outer Space to know Reality
and Ultimate Reality is the way of life in the West!
But Cyberspace is a new creation of scientific matter
like the shadow picture of cinema left to man
to believe or not to believe!