Poems by
Sujeet Kulkarni

Triumph of the Human Spirit

a poem by Sujeet Kulkarni

I dream of an attitude, an attitude reflecting one’s heart
With courage to determine it’s path
With politeness to open all doors, with power to achieve much more

I dream of a friend, always loyal and true
To carry one through
The ups and downs of life, never hesitating to say
‘I love You’

I dream of the devil, all the wrongs in this world
Like all birds wings broken mid-flight
For isn’t it only for the wrongs,
That we realize and value the rights

I dream of a home, a twinkling star in the Milky Way
A small pond, a lovely orchard and a few bales of hay
A small house near the sleepy blue oceans
Amidst God’s beautiful creations

I dream of a world, where
People live for each other
Music touches the soul and not the ear
Darkness is followed by rays of light
Fear is unknown and spirits are high
Truth prevails and love reigns supreme
Sky is just blue and grass a perfect green

But there are things I don’t dream of
I don’t dream of hard-work and discipline
Commitment, dedication and honesty
For if these remain a dream, there is no hope for reality
For only these help you realize that if, and if only you try
Dreams become birds of freedom, flying high in the success sky

‘It’s impossible,’ some fools would say
But you are you and they are they
When you take up the challenge; though speculations arise, people chatter
The odds really do not matter

They’ll all say, ‘It won’t happen, it’s many light years away’
But only you have the vision and you will find the way
For GOD helps those who help themselves
No, Sabrina, the Witch is not required, just believe in yourself

When the moment of truth comes, people go silent, as if frozen
Boy! Do they have cold feet !

But when every thing is over, all is said and done
You’ll be the one who’ll make the world witness
Triumph of the human spirit