Poems by
Sudhir Eswaran M

A friend…

a poem by Sudhir Eswaran M

You are beside
When the world deserts me,
And hide your pride,
To on my side be,

You stand through thick and thin,
Through this world unknown and bare,
Restraining me from all and any sin,
Giving love, compassion and care,

You befriend your nightmare,
To help my dreams’ cause,
And with my, sorrows share,
Consoling me at every loss.

You glance at the world,
With my eyes,
While your views you hurl,
And feed to your heart lies.

You face criticism,
To learn my heart,
With all of enthusiasm,
But with your interests you part

You growl at your love,
To make me feel well,
And through my rough seas row
And in my grief dwell.

You fall off your feet
To be in my shoes,
And take all the heat,
And say “Life just goes”

You bark at me
And laugh with my soul,
For all to see,
And in my dreams prowl.

You be by my side,
When duty and love reckons,
And my soft thoughts you abide,
And give timely sense.

If you see me dilate
From good to evil,
My move you debate
Without anger but grief little.

You see reality,
And yet feel my dreams,
You see artistic beauty
In my mistakes, and learn what it means.

You proudly say,
“I’m his friend, and so I care”
Pointing my way,
And with me the outcome, you always share

Hence I proudly burn,
That near or far,
I have a friend to yearn,
One to care, love and live for…